Hello All! I welcome every one of you with open arms!

I started riding at a very young age. (2, to be exact!) I was on a Polaris 120 when I got the wiff of the 2 stroke smoke and I have been addicted ever sense! I started Sledders R Us in 2017 and it hasn’t just been work or a “job” it has been fun! When I am not in school working on my Marketing degree (I am graduating in spring 2019 with my Bachelors) or doing Personal Care Assistance work with my two handicapped brothers I am focused on Sledders R Us. It is my passion to spread the love of sledding with others and to create opportunities to have people come and experience the ride with me or our riders. I have had people from all over the world contact me asking how they can try and learn more about snowmobiling. It is amazing the influence that Sledders R Us has made within the sledding community in just a short amount of time. We are Family. We are Sledders.

Be ready Summer 2019! Things are about to go BRRRAAAP.