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Current sled: 2017 Summit X 850 Turbo

26 Years young.  I’ve been on a sled since I was  3 or 4, which back then was a Kitty Cat. I got my start riding sleds young from my Dad. He would build my brother and I sleds to ride around the fields. We eventually out grew them and moved up to bigger toys as the years progressed. I began racing grass drags when I was around 12 or 13. I then started racing on the Skidoo X team at 14 years old in the Junior class within the RMSHA series. I jumped up to the semi pro classes for a few seasons and cut my journey short due to a shoulder that just would not stay in place. 

Since having my shoulder fixed I’ve never had the urge to get back into racing and only ride backcountry now. 

My buddies, brothers and dad are always up for riding so we take full advantage of the Utah snow. We stay in the thick trees, and on a sidehill 99% of our days, only hitting a trail to get to and from the truck. 

I also help run Twisted FX Graphics with my brother, Ty Parkinson and dad, Kelly Parkinson. 

We are a bunch of down to earth riders here in Utah, that love the sport! If you want to ride while out in the West,  you know where to find us. 🏽