Hey people!

I'm the 29 year old Swedish girl who got my interest for snowmobiling in a cornflakes package. Alone in my family in the love in snowmobiling, I haven't had the ability to sled from a young age. But now, grown up I sled as often that I can, and I love it! I got my first sled, a rev 600 2003, about 5 years ago…and upgraded to a summit xm 800 2014 last season, trying to develop as much as I can, in as little time as possible.

Love the feeling of chasing challenges, overcome my own head, and just sled with a big smile on my face. Snowmobiling has become a big part of my life lately, so happy for every moment spent in the white gold, progressing my riding and just living life, the best way possible!

I am a living proof that it does not matter who you are, where you come from, what sled you're driving or that you don't have the latest equipment, just as long as you love what you're doing!