It all started back when I was a young teenager riding those old farm fan cooled snowmobiles where you had to stop every few minutes to open the hood and throw snow on the engine just to cool it off. With poor or next to no suspension it didnt stop me from having hours of back breaking fun trying to jump snow covered bails or driveway approaches. For years and years i had bagged my dad for my first sled but we could not afford it, so my riding consists of friends or other family members sleds which was anything from old Indy 500s to Skidoo formula 3s and mach 1s but it was worth it either way. Skip a head a bunch of years where I was able to buy my first sled and it was a 2014 Arctic Cat ZR8000 Snopro 129, riding the trails in the prairies of southern Manitoba and finding deep powder spots to play in where a 129" track was not meant to go. Then came the new 2018 Arctic Cat ZR8000 Snopro early release 137" with a 1 3/4 back country track, this sled was made to fly and if one could see threw the helmet you would see nothing buy a huge smile on my face not only for the sled I get to ride but what I have been able to accomplish.