Hi everyone! I live by the ocean up north in Sweden, meaning a lot of time in the car trailing my sled to better riding conditions. Like many of us sledders, I grew up with sleds. Being up in the mountains with the family. No speed machines, only 377 and 503 ones at the time. The fact that "everyone" outrun us meant that I spent a lot of time in the woods (instead of the lake) searching for that sweet line to the top. Years and years later in 2014 I finished my education and bought myself a M8000 and the riding started to really progress. Been riding Cat for some years now but going to BRP Lynx this season. If you meet me out in the backcountry, I'm the guy that just keeps on going. Trying and trying to be better than last time. That's what its all about for me at least. Exploring new terrain, elevating my own skills and of course the friends and family in the sled community.