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Snowmobiling is in my blood, I was literally being towed in a sleigh behind a sled at under a year old. Got my first sled Kitty Kat at 3 years old and never looked back. I have a passion for building as well as riding sleds. Snowmobiling has always been a great pastime with my family and close friends. It has turned into such a passion that I find any excuse to ride a sled year around.  My energy is focused backcountry riding with the boys, but I also am getting into water, hill, and ice drags. I currently have a 2003 154 REV mod and a 2009 MXZ 600 RS mod. I love the places snowmobiling takes me, but home base is northern lower Michigan. I am focused on these upcoming seasons to push my technical ability and be able to make new friends and riding partners all over the country.