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Having been raised in the Heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains has instilled a passion within me for the back country and what is has to offer. There is something so serene, peaceful and powerful when adventuring into the alpine, the feeling of being so tiny in such a grand place is completely satisfying. I have always ridden snow mobiles with my brother, but they were more of "projects" we used to build together and go "out for a rip" on until it had to be rebuilt, none the less my passion for Motorsports began at a very young age thanks to my Budski! When I was 15 my high school sweetheart introduced me to his sledding family and from there I was head over sled boots in love with back country riding. The new locations I went to, people I met and memories we made have by far made sledding my most desirable adventure! I doubled with my spouse for 4 years...and no it was not easy, he probably wanted to murder me some days because I refused to stay home, but somehow, we always ended up laughing and having the best time! In 2012 I was finally able to buy my first sled, a 2007 Ski-Doo Rev 600...I named him "Bullet". My riding excelled and it felt incredible to keep up to someone who taught me everything! In March 2017 my dreams came true and I upgraded to my 2017 800 Polaris PRO RMK...and yes, I gave him a name..."Beasty". The maneuverability, incredible power and the updated technology of my new ride has given me confidence to slay new lines and ride places I never thought were imaginable. Sledding isn't just a sport for me, it is my lifestyle.