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Most of my childhood consisted of snowmobiles, when I was about four I got my very own and first snowmobile. It was a beaten up and barely running old Yamaha ET 340, and do I have some memories of that? For the next 6 years during winter season I rode that thing like there was no tomorrow, everyday coming home from school I threw my backpack in the hallway and jumped into my outdoor clothing going for several hours in the woods behind our house. Quick stop for dinner then back at it again until bedtime.
My grandpa had a very popular snowmobile kinda resort, with a workshop, store, cabins and a ton of grounds up in the Swedish mountainside close to the Norweigan border, at the arctic circle. Most of my time was spent there were I could watch the big guys perform daring stunts on their snowmobiles in the backcountrys challenging terrain. So I started training, fast forward couple of years and I had a better snowmobile. A 2006 Lynx Rave RC 600, and if I were stoked, I was gonna do backflips, re-entrys, never get stuck and be a total king in the snow. At least I though so, had a rough time to catch up with the longtracks in the deep snow that were. But I had fun, no matter how many times I got stuck, no matter what broke, I had fun. And something snowmobiling have learnt me is that whoever you meet, no matter what the brand, religion or appearance, snowmobilers  get along very well. Just like

I have grown a whole lot in my riding, I’ve met many new friends, ridden with a lot of cool people. Now I’m looking for expanding this sport, making more and more people get into it and to see what it’s all about. Anyone, anytime can come up to me and start talking about snowmobiles, I’ll reschedule everything and can be talking riding and sleds for several hours. Anyone could come up saying ”Hey, wanna ride tomorrow?” ”I’m in!” would be my instant response. I eat, sleep, breathe snowmobiles. First thing I think of every morning is
either where to go riding or when it’s gonna come snow. So this should sum up who I am and if I ever meet you, don’t hesitate to stop me for a chat about riding.