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Ever since I was a little kid I was out riding sleds. My dad raced the RMSHA circuit(Hillclimb) and he always tagged me and my brothers along. I started riding on a little Kitty Cat when Iwas only 5 or 6. Since then me and my older brother had a bunch of 440’s that we rallied around thefields on.

When I turned 14 I started racing the RMSHA circuit. Racing with the Skidoo X Team we had a lot of sponsors that backed us up and helped support are riding habits. I won the points championship that year for my class along with many other great races. I now race PRO in the
RMSHA circuit running all the Modified classes. We throw as much boost and fuel into a sled as it can handle in order to compete. With all the racing that I do, there is also a great amount of seat time in the back country. I’ve learned over the years that seat time is the best practice when it comes to racing.

It’ll be a good friendship to join up with sleddersrus for the upcoming years. There’s a lot of opportunity on both sides to grow something bigger. Ride on fellow sledders