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Snowmobiler since I was 3, snocross racer since I was 13. The second I threw my leg over my Polaris 120 I was hooked. It wasn’t long before my dad was shoveling piles of snow so I could launch my little sled multiple inches through the air. Fast forward a few years and a couple sled sizes; the jumps got bigger and I was introduced to this sport called snocross. I was mesmerized by how far these guys were flying and how they whipped their sleds around a track full of jumps made just for them. At 12 years old my parents made my dream come true by getting me my first race sled, a Polaris IQ 550, and I began my journey to becoming a professional snocross racer. I progressed quickly at the beginning jumping up two classes my second year and then moving to sport midway through my 4th year. After spending 4 years battling in the sport class I made the big step into pro-lite. This was, without a doubt, the biggest step of my career so far. I went into my first year knowing I’d have to ride harder and faster than I ever have and laid it all on the line. I came away from that season with two feature wins, a 7th place points finish, and a broken foot; it was my best season so far! I am currently on my second year in pro-lite and looking forward to moving up to pro right away! There is nothing I’d rather do than race snowmobiles and I am extremely thankful to God for the opportunity and ability to do what I love.