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I started out doing oval track racing. I was named Rookie of the year and was second in points for the season. I only did oval track racing for a year. I then decided to give Drag racing a try. I started when I was 15, I had to race in the junior class. I started out on a 1990 Polaris Indy 500. when I was old enough to race in the regular classes I bought my 2008 Yamaha Nytro. I started saving my money, so I could buy my first sled, I always knew it was going to be a Yamaha Nytro. I was so excited when I saved enough money to buy my Nytro. I originally bought my Nytro to be a trail sled. I took it on the trails once and decided to drag race with it and fell in love with the sled even more! I then Met my Yamaha mechanic Patrick Bingham who turned my Yamaha Nytro into an awesome race sled. Patrick Bingham has done all the work to the Nytro to make it as fast as it is today and winning pretty much all of the classes I
enter with it. 3 years ago, I got an offer I couldn't turn down with Arctic Cat. I then got my 2015 Arctic Cat Turbo 1100 CC. Racing that sled one time I fell in love! It has now been completely rebuilt by Nick Stilson and Howard Haack. They have made that sled into a beast, I’m so excited for this race season to see what it will do. I work at Market Technology in Charlevoix Michigan, I have been working there for almost 5 years. I am the manager for our Service Center department, I also work with our help desk for our computer program we created. My co-workers think it's awesome that I race, they are always asking me questions about how things are going especially if I had a race the previous weekend. My parents were the ones that inspired me to start racing. I was at an oval track race and said that looks like fun. They said if you want to try it you can. You can do anything if try. I tried it and I was hooked! I run in the 600 and 700 class primarily with the Nytro. With the Turbo I will run Improved Turbo, Promod, and maybe Outlaw. My goal for my racing career is to do Snow Outlaws this January in Mancelona Michigan, it will be my first time competing in this race.


My Sponsors are:
T&R Yamaha
TG Plumbing and Heating
Tim’s Tire and Offroad Center
Bentley Graphics
NIX Contracting
Motor City Sledheads

Michigan Sled Chix
H&H performance
East Jordan Snowmobile Club
Stilson Racing
Arctic Cat
TNT Lady Sledders
Ultimax Belts by Timken
World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation
Arctic Cat Trail Riders

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