Ive been riding snowmobiles since before I can remember. My father decided it was a good idea to bring me along somewhere near the age of 2. That was back when I used to fall asleep and hit the kill switch with my helmet. It was always about family and absolutely still is. Whether it was ripping around the front lawn, down the streets or on the trails I could never get enough. Something about being out in the middle of nowhere on a sled just feels so natural too me. While most people complain about the winter and all the work associated with it, you can bet my bottom dollar it is the one time of year I absolutely cannot wait for, and the one season I hope lasts forever. Living in the northeast can sometimes make that reality very short lived, but it is all about getting out there while you can and enjoying the most of it. The stories that I get out of this sport are memories that will last a lifetime. Anyone visiting the northeast that wants to ride, please don't hesitate to ask, the more the merrier.