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How To Get Unstuck - The Easy Way

How To Get Unstuck - The Easy Way

I was recently asked about snowmobile stuck’s...

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Well they suck, but its part of the game we play so why not make it as quick as possible to get back on throttle? we go out to enjoy the days ride, not to be stuck all day! Even though your about to get stuck, there is always ways to make it easier to get out before the sled comes to complete stop and gets cemented in.

On hills, simply Give your sled a quick twist in that last second before your stopped, that will favor your efforts in getting it pointed back down hill, or whatever way will be easiest for the situation. This also makes for easier effort to roll your sled out of the hole. Its easier to roll a sled downhill rather than trying to roll it across the hill and out of your hole (or you just end up facing uphill and lined yourself up for another stuck). Use your best spots of leverage and be sure to stand in a safe position as you GENTLY roll it past its pivot (rolling) point, you don;t want to roll it more than necessary (like all the way down the hill). No one wants to wreck their stuff.  I cant remember the last time I’ve used my shovel for a stuck because all you do while "shoveling out" is make your hole deeper and that leaves you without a base to start out on. Iv’e actually seen stuck holes that you could fit a bus into and not even see it. That’s not fun at all and all I could think of is "what a waste of a days ride"! 

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I’ve always packed the snow around my sled rather than shovel all the snow away, this way you have a good base to start off on. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck twice in the same hole! Always take the extra minute or so to make sure you’ll get er out on your first attempt. Stomp the snow down under the running boards, belly-pan and front end areas. Those are the only areas that will be restricting you from any movement. In some situations if you can slightly tip the sled over on its side, pack under the track and the front end area, pull the sled back down it will actually jack it up a bit as well.

Just tipping a sled over in a pow carve can be a pain in the butt, especially if you didn’t get the chance to give it a jam on throttle before you fall off! That last pump of the gas lets the sled pop out of the dive on its own but leaves u about 10 feet back...but hey at least your not stuck! If you are stopped with the sled on its side, and before depleting a bunch of energy trying to muscle it over by the bars, try hitting the gas than try righting itself with the bars. The spinning track will help move some of the snow resistance. If that doesn’t work,  first simply pack under the track area and front end area (where it will be sitting down when your finished). Then stand on the lower ski, and yank on the top ski (Using the handle). Pretty much try to throw yourself down backwards while holding the top ski and pull the sled down onto your packed base; and away you’ll go! Some people carry so much equipment to make stuck;s easier (come along with, jacks and winches, etc) to get out but a few simple things like packing down the snow. Rather than trying to lift it on-top of the snow is a lot easier, faster, and definitely keeps your sled lighter than packing everything you’d have in your 4wd mud buggy.   

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My Stuck tools include shovel, rope, and saw, and competent riding partners that will know if you are missing within minutes, not hours later while they wait at the truck or cabin.  A good length rope can be tied to your track and used as a winch for itself, or anchor it to pull on another sled. The saw is a very important one seeing we all play the trees at some point and we all know that some do stop us in our tracks and usually we cant back up.                                                 

Its hard to explain what to do in stuck situations but what I found in most of them is packing the snow. Save your energy for the riding and work smarter, not harder. Ride on  

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