Born and raised in the mountains of British Columbia. I grew up riding at time when if I didn’t keep up to my dad and his friend’s id get left behind. A trial by snow I guess you could call it. I was 2 years old when my dad and his friend Jack gave me my first sled. They couldn’t keep me off it. I would do laps around the house until I ran out of gas. A fire was lit deep inside me that still burns to this day, and stronger then ever. I grew up a small community that didn’t have much to do in the winter months. Sledding was a way of life and it is what I live for to this day.


My teenage years were full of days skipping school to head to the mountain. Its all I thought about and its all I wanted to do. Luckily for me I grew up around some of the best riders in the province, so I pushed myself to keep up and go bigger for bragging rights. Eventually I realized I was pretty good at this sport and decided to pursue it at a professional level. Now I have many sponsors and supporters around the world and it is truly a dream come true. I thank the snow gods every day the life I have been given full of adventures in the mountains.