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I first started snowmobiling as a kid, riding the dry farms and around the house.  I found my passion for snowmobiling the first time I rode the backcountry.  I love riding the deep, untouched powder in creek bottoms, and in the thick timber in Idaho. The most enjoyable part about being in the backcountry, is the beautiful country you see.  The most rewarding thing about backcountry snowmobiling is picking a line or steep side hill and letting it rip.  I love hanging out with my riding buddy’s in the backcountry and challenging each other every time we go riding.  I have two sons and am very excited for them to start learning and experiencing the back country like I have.  I look forward to being a part of the Sledders r us family and the next adventure on my 2019 skidoo 850 in the backcountry.